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Life consulting and Somatic Therapy sessions aim to address emotional issues by exploring the integration of nervous system sensations, past and current pain, and stuck experiences- promoting healing, self-awareness and wholeness.

Hey there, I'm Andrew

Andrew Liem, a dedicated Life Consultant in Northern California, seeks to create a secure and nurturing environment where individuals cultivate empowerment, emotional intelligence, introspection, and self-awareness. His journey, starting in 2014 part-time, transitioned to full-time consulting work in 2020.

Andrew holds a SEP certificate as a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, shaping his approach by illuminating the body-mind connection for nervous system and helping facilitate mental equilibrium.  He is committed to bridging this gap, and aims to facilitate profound transformations in clients' lives.

 Andrew firmly believes that his journey toward personal healing, wholeness, connection, and authentic strength significantly influences his ability to guide others. He understands that he can only lead as far as he has traveled. This awareness fuels his dedication to deepen self-awareness and expand his capacity to provide support and guide individuals toward lives marked by authentic freedom.




Andrew creates a safe place to get deeply vulnerable and that’s been vital in processing my past. Andrew’s knowledge, ability to make connections, and deep compassion have helped me gain insight behind my behaviors. He helped me unpack the belief systems I formed through traumatic events, showed me compassion, and walked with me through the process of reconstruction and learning to love me. I’m able to show up in ways I never thought I could. Working with Andrew has been life changing. You’ll love working with him, and you’ll start loving you, too. 

- Nicole, Client

Since I started meeting with Andrew, I am more connected to my emotions than I have ever been, and I feel powerful and free like never before in my life!

- Tino, Client

I've been in traditional therapy for years, but working with Andrew has been exponentially deeper and more effective. I now have practical tools to move forward in a healthy way.

- Ashley, Client

My life was performance. I never felt present or connected. When I started meeting with Andrew, hope got introduced to my story. If I look at my life from just a year ago, I’m shocked. I now know how to meet myself with compassion. I’m understanding what love actually is and, just as importantly, what it is not. Honestly, I don’t think there’s a part of my heart or my life that hasn’t changed. It’s hard to summarize the incredibly significant changes that have happened because of working with Andrew.

- Hope, Client



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